We are a  Disability Media Professional’s Organization with the Task of advocating for PWDs and Vulnerable People through the Media.


To promote the rights of Persons with Disabilities and other Vulnerable People in Rwanda, to support Persons with Disabilities to easily access on information and make an advocacy of persons with Disabilities of their role in development in a case they are informed


Society where Persons with Disabilities are respected like other Human beings, Protected and informed how and what is going not only in the country but all over the world.


  1. To Promote access to Information by Persons with Disabilities and other Vulnerable People.
  2. To raise awareness for the rights and the capacities of persons with Disabilities through Media
  3. To create ROJAPED club which facilitate PWD be informed and integrated in development Policies
  4. To sensitize the public to respect rights of persons with Disabilities and Other Vulnerable People
  5. To create and Organize research and Document a center for persons with disabilities and Vulnerable People.